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Thur 1st April:

Slave 1 has agreed his Mistresses demands and returned his release form. He shall soon receive first order...

I've spent the majority of the day nursing a terrible headache… Too many vino's last night :-( But after bathing and refreshing i gave myself a lesson in video editting and the results are to my liking :-) Troubles uploading to AdultWork  though, hopefully ill have the problem fixed soon.

Mon 29th March:

New video's have been prepared, but unfortunately stuck on my desktop pc at the moment - i'm not having much luck with it all lol - but i will not be defeated. They will be with you soon i'm sure :-)

A few more changes to the site with a new page being built for the miss & Mistress in me. After a bit of playing, i have discovered a dark demon inside of me that desires to dominate those of you who are worthless excuses to the human race. I will own you as your Mistress & as my useless slave you will do as i ask or you will be punished. Read more very soon...

Sun 28th March:

Fun day today :-) Tired now though. I had the pleasure of working with the lovely people at Vidinet. It was fun - sooo much fun! I'll let you know when the new site launches so you can see me all chavved up & talking dirrrty ;->

After many more issues with the camcorder again, i seem to have it working - again - although wouldn't like to predict how long for.… However while luck is on my side i'm making the most of it & lots of videos are being shot and will start being uploaded to my adult work page over the next few days.

Friday 26th March:

My First Post! Good intention is here to post regularly, but please accept my apologies if "real life" sometimes slows me down....

I've been lucky to have had an unexpected lazy day today although i have spent it productively :-)

I've got a fair bit of work coming up over the next week so the intention was to prepare outfits and myself, and started with a nice long relaxed bath… but soon after i got distracted by a naughty camming session with a real horny guy that seriously turned me on.

Upon disconnecting i found that my shoot tomorrow had been cancelled so with the extra time i played a little more, came a few more times & then decided it was time to get my ass in gear!

Since then ive managed to teach myself to reduce video file size and added my first 3 clips to my AW page - CLICK HERE TO SEE ;-)

And managed to get the camcorder working again that had seemingly gone into hibernation. Chilled night now involving a visit to my favourite girls, a manicure & pedicure & washing a mountain of pots!

So as a summary, today i have cum many-many-many a time ;-) Got my skin fresh & enticing, and managed to conquer the tecnological difficulties that have baffled me for some time… All on my own effectively!

Now work is over for the day, unless i'm feeling naughty after my return from my visit to my favourite girlies & want to share ;-)