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The Lair

The lair is a beautiful place where all your dreams and nightmares come true ;-)


month's ago, this room was basically a shell with a pole in it.


But time has been taken & money has been spent and the playroom is now open to naughty boys & girls who need some discipline.




    Static/Spinning Dance Pole                                                                                        Mirrored Floor

     Move-able Bamboo Screen                                                                                            The Chair



 Inflateable Lounger & Thrusting Box              The Big Pink Dog Cage                       A Rainbow of Waxes

   2 Attachments & Remote Control                    2 Door Openings                             Lotions & Potions




               The Lights                         The Radiator                        Back-Drops                        Front to the

         But, no knowledge of them :-(                 Of Restraint                       & Chiffon's                    Prop's Cupboard



This room is the main photo studio, where items are easilly moved

to create a large wall space for backdrops.

It also doubles as my lair/dungeon where i perform

sessions as a professional dominatrix.



The Dark Box

The tool box of torture for dis-obedient slaves...

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