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Dark Box Delights

All the items listed in here can be found deep in the depths of my dark box

The collection is getting larger very regularly.

Collars, & Tethers
Black velcro collar & leash
Black leather collar with 4 loops & d-ring
2x Black tethers
2x Pink tethers
Pink PVC collar with d-ring

3x Spreader bars with d loops - various lengths
Spreader bar with attached neck & wrist cuffs
4x Black velcro cuffs for wrists & ankles
Velcro hog tie
3x Metal heavy duty locking handcuffs
Metal chained wrist to ankle cuffs
2x Pink PVC cuffs
Velcro wrist to neck restraint
Thigh cuffs
Arm Binder
Wrist to ankle cuffs with chains

Other Restraints
5x White 6mm polyester ropes
Pink PVC bondage tape
Purple PVC bondage tape
Black lycra restraint wrap

Spankers & Ticklers
5 String cat-o-nine tails
Rubber dildo whip
Metal bead stimulator
Slut Spanker
Purple ostrich feather
Black metal studded spanker
Red rubber whip
Heart/lips impressions slapper
Bull Whip

Wartenburg wheel
Triple wartenburg wheel
Large metal speculum
Clear plastic anal scope

3x Training ball gags with airholes - various sizes
Ring gag
Rubber bit gag
Multi-colour rubber ball gag
Cock gag

2x Forceps
Vibrating bullet screw nipple clamps
Clover clamps with chain
Circular nipple clamps
Bell clit clamp
36 Wooden Pegs

Everything Else
Pony tail butt plug
Black PVC Blindfold
Red/Black Master/Slave satin blindfold
4x Snap clips
4x master padlocks
Heart shaped nickel decorative padlock
Anal Hook
3 Rubber cock rings
Cock strap with metal rings

Strap On's
Black Harness
Clear Harness
8" veiny cock & balls
6" standard cock
4" anal prober